A Bushel of Apple Varieties



TL;DR Version:  I found a mega apple directory here: Orange Pippin


In case you ever get tired of the same few apple options available to you at your local grocer, there is an entire directory, Orange Pippin, dedicated to numerous apple varieties spanning from A – Z.

Feast your eyes and get hungry for the crisp sweet deliciousness of these unique types of apples. The variations in apple flavors, textures and visuals can be reminiscent of wine tasting. For instance,  you might pick up notes and textures, with some apples being better suited toward cooking versus eating fresh.

Studying this apple directory is almost like reading a breeding pedigree as the description touches on the parentage, the species and place of origin.

Here is a sample some apple decriptions that may seem unusual:

Allington Pippin – “..a strong pineapple-like flavour..”

Blacktwig – “The ultimate in a tart apple… …adds kick to sweet or hard cider.”

Fortune – “A very good Northern American eating apple with a “spicy” flavor.”

Peasgood’s Nonsuch – “Highly esteemed culinary apple.”

Uttwiler Spätlauber – “..enjoying new-found popularity because of its alleged anti-aging properties.”

Zuccalmaglio’s Reinette (Can you imagine requesting this apple by name?) – “Flavored with tones of wild strawberry, quince, pineapple, ripe pear and a fine floral touch.”

This directory can prove helpful if you would like to find your perfect apple match, should you wish to grow your own apple tree: