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When to Plant Garlic (Now-ish)

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds has kindly provided a very helpful planting guide for Garlic. As you may know, its planting times can be similar to bulb flowers like Tulips or Iris.

As Mary mentions in her post, the biggest trick with garlic is remembering to plan ahead to grow it.

Other than that, garlic can be a low maintenance plant with minimal watering needs.

So without further ado, here is Mary’s helpful post:

Fall Blooming Flowers

If you’re looking at a spent and tired garden this fall, consider these wonderful fall-blooming options care of

This is a great time to scope out what your garden looks like during fall and visualize where fall blooming flowers can improve the composition of your landscape.

The post includes  photos of the flowers so you can pick and choose what looks best to you!