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The Monkey Puzzle Tree


Years ago, I used to walk my neighborhood route on a regular basis.  I always passed by two of the funniest looking trees I had ever encountered. At the time, there were no smartphones or apps that I could use to snap a photo of these intriguing and funny trees.

Every so often, I would ask anyone with a fair knowledge of tree varieties if they knew of the tree that looked like a cross between an evergreen pine tree and a pineapple top. (That was my best description, but didn’t quite do the tree justice.)

A few short years ago, I finally did track it down to its known name, Monkey Puzzle Tree, and its proper name, Araucaria araucana. *Clutches the name tightly.*

Then I found a great blog post dedicated to this tree and my affection for the Monkey Puzzle has only grown stronger.  It can be used in stacking functions by providing shelter for wildlife, food from nuts, truly permanent agriculture (rumored to live 1000 years!), and a conversation starter.

Major Monkey Puzzle Traits:

They take “forever” to grow up, but they can live to a thousand years!

The female produces cones that hold edible nuts.

It originates from Chile and Argentina.

The tree just stands out. It’s interesting to look at and only gets more odd as the years go on.

It is an evergreen.

Read this great and thorough blog post for more information about the Monkey Puzzle Tree : Permaculture Plants: Monkey Puzzle Tree