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Maximize Minimal Space


Got limited ground space for gardening? Are you confined to balconies and patios?

Things to consider:

Grow summer squash and cucumbers vertically- same for tomatoes. They can be trained!

Consider different root depths and spans. The right combination can keep vegetables tightly grown together without cramping healthy growth space. This can also make it difficult for weeds to find soil to land on.

Think of plant placement in a 3D way. Trellis, hanging plants, vertical gardens, and herb spirals can give you extra ‘cube’ footage.

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Here are three helpful blog posts with more ideas:

1. The Balance shares 10 high yield veggie ideas that fit the bill: https://www.thebalance.com/high-yield-vegetable-plants-for-small-garden-spaces-1388683

2. Here’s a great post with tips on balcony and small space gardening. They touch on making sure your plants are suited to your sun exposure and space limitations:  http://www.surrey.ca/community/5974.aspx

3. This post from She Knows gives some extra creative suggestions from growing herbs indoors to design strategies:  http://www.sheknows.com/home-and-gardening/articles/957533/edible-gardens-in-small-spaces