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OSU Video on Soil

Soil is the unsung hero in the circle of life, and in terms of gardening, it is the essential foundation on which to grow everything we need and want.

I had the privilege of participating in a Master Gardener meet-up, where James Cassidy of Information Society talked about aspects of soil that I hadn’t known about before.

For example, he delved into the unique characteristics of clay and how, on a chemistry level, it delivers nutrients to the rest of the soil in a way silt and sand cannot. Clay is a vital component.

The underlying message was that it is important to give priority care to soil and that it helps to cover the major percentage of the work that goes into gardening.

This video is long, but it is a wealth of knowledge coming from Oregon State University. If you have the time to fire it up and go about your chores or just want something to listen to while you work, this is a great opportunity to glean important principles.


Soil Quotes

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